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Our Materials

We are committed to using 100% recycled and traceable sterling silver for the castings. Our pieces are made to last for a long time. Each piece will have slight variations and imperfections due to the sand casting process, meaning it is completely unique to you.


Thank You

Thank you to Jonathan Heard for designing the Sixtensdotter logo, helping with brand identity and product photography for the Tidvatten Collection.

Thank you to Marcus Ripley for filming the casting process.



Sixtensdotter is an independent jewellery brand run by Ellinor Sixtensdotter. At Sixtensdotter, we design and create finely-crafted jewellery that add a touch of magic to the everyday. We believe that jewellery should be a special experience, and strive to create an emotional connection with each of our customers. Whether it’s a timeless piece or a unique one-off, our pieces are designed to last a lifetime. Our jewellery is handmade from recycled sterling silver or recycled solid gold in our London-based studio, with each one made to order.


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the eco-conscious materials we use and our use of precious gemstones.

"My brand is a reflection of myself and my love for the ocean. I spend as much time as I can near the sea - swimming all-year-round and surfing - and I take that with me into my work. I work with textures and sand cast the majority of our pieces. I like preserving the finish of the sand casting on the jewellery and want it to have a handmade feel. Sand casting is one of the oldest casting methods we know of, and I often look to ancient jewellery for inspiration. I strive to make my pieces look like they could have been dug up from the sand or the bottom of the ocean."

- Ellinor

Alongside running sixtensdotter, Ellinor works as a jeweller at The Great Frog. She was born in Sweden and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Furniture and Interior Design. She found her passion for jewellery making on a short course in Brighton. She then went on to study a six-month goldsmith course in Sweden.  

who we are

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